To begin in browser with the default configuration, you should include two files:

<!doctype html>
<html lang='en'>
  <meta charset='utf-8'>
  <title>my first pdfmake example</title>
  <script src='build/pdfmake.min.js'></script>
  <script src='build/vfs_fonts.js'></script>

Library sources



bower install pdfmake

npm (primarily server-side)

npm install pdfmake

Files for client-side is available here:

Using javascript frameworks:

var pdfMake = require('pdfmake/build/pdfmake.js');
var pdfFonts = require('pdfmake/build/vfs_fonts.js');
pdfMake.vfs = pdfFonts.pdfMake.vfs;


import pdfMake from "pdfmake/build/pdfmake";
import pdfFonts from "pdfmake/build/vfs_fonts";
pdfMake.vfs = pdfFonts.pdfMake.vfs;

For Ionic and Angular see issue.

If a Cannot read property ‘TYPED_ARRAY_SUPPORT’ of undefined error is thrown, add this to webpack config:

exclude: [ /node_modules/, /pdfmake.js$/ ]

(see issue)


Copy them directly from the build directory from the repository. Otherwise you can always build it from sources.