Page dimensions, orientation and margins

var docDefinition = {
  // a string or { width: number, height: number }
  pageSize: 'A5',

  // by default we use portrait, you can change it to landscape if you wish
  pageOrientation: 'landscape',

  // [left, top, right, bottom] or [horizontal, vertical] or just a number for equal margins
  pageMargins: [ 40, 60, 40, 60 ],

If you set pageSize to a string, you can use one of the following values:

To change page orientation within a document, add a page break with the new page orientation.

  pageOrientation: 'portrait',
  content: [
    {text: 'Text on Portrait'},
    {text: 'Text on Landscape', pageOrientation: 'landscape', pageBreak: 'before'},
    {text: 'Text on Landscape 2', pageOrientation: 'portrait', pageBreak: 'after'},
    {text: 'Text on Portrait 2'},

Automatic page height:

var dd = {
  pageSize: {
    width: 595.28,
    height: 'auto'
  content: [
    // ...

Dynamically control page breaks, for instance to avoid orphan children

A pageBreakBefore function can be specified, which can determine if a page break should be inserted before a node. To implement a ‘no orphan child’ rule, use a definition like this:

var dd = {
    content: [
       {text: '1 Headline', headlineLevel: 1},
       'Some long text of variable length ...',
       {text: '2 Headline', headlineLevel: 1},
       'Some long text of variable length ...',
       {text: '3 Headline', headlineLevel: 1},
       'Some long text of variable length ...',
  pageBreakBefore: function(currentNode, followingNodesOnPage, nodesOnNextPage, previousNodesOnPage) {
     return currentNode.headlineLevel === 1 && followingNodesOnPage.length === 0;

If pageBreakBefore returns true, a page break will be added before the currentNode. Current node has the following information attached:

   id: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   headlineLevel: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   text: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   ul: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   ol: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   table: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   image: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   qr: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   canvas: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   columns: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   style: '<as specified in doc definition>',
   pageOrientation '<as specified in doc definition>',
   pageNumbers: [2, 3], // The pages this element is visible on (e.g. multi-line text could be on more than one page)
   pages: 6, // the total number of pages of this document
   stack: false, // if this is an element which encapsulates multiple sub-objects
   startPosition: {
     pageNumber: 2, // the page this node starts on
     pageOrientation: 'landscape', // the orientation of this page
     left: 60, // the left position
     right: 60, // the right position
     verticalRatio: 0.2, // the ratio of space used vertically in this document (excluding margins)
     horizontalRatio: 0.0  // the ratio of space used horizontally in this document (excluding margins)